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The AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan is widely regarded as one of the finest in the world.

With excellent cause! With its high-quality cookware, the company has won various prizes, including the German Brand Award.

The high-quality handcrafted aluminum thermal base of this frying pan sets it apart. Heat is dispersed evenly thanks to the substance.

Steaks will stay juicy and tender in the middle this manner. The strengthened coating is constructed of nonstick ceramic.

The AMT Gastrogus frying pan, like any nonstick pan, must be cleaned and seasoned correctly. Otherwise, the food will get stuck.

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  • Aluminum is the material used.
  • Dimensions: 9.84 x 12.6 x 1.97 inches
  • 1.32 pound weight
  • Gas, electric, radiant ring, ceramic, and halogen cooktops are all compatible.

Review of the AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan

In this review, we will go through the pan’s main features in depth. This covers advantages and downsides to help you make an educated choice.

These are some of the major qualities that have sparked worldwide interest in this frying pan:

Thermal Base with No Warps

This cookware’s thermal foundation guarantees that the material does not distort while cooking.

It responds well to temperature fluctuations and uniformly distributes heat, providing for an even cook-through.

Handles that are resistant to heat

This cast aluminum frying pan will not burn your fingers. The heat-resistant grips can withstand temperatures of up to 240 degrees Celsius.

That means you can put it in the oven right from the stovetop. The heat’s adaptability comes as no surprise.

The German National Culinary Team enhanced the ergonomic handles.

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Casting Method Unlike Any Other

Every AMT Gastroguss cookware goes through a unique casting process. Each one is created one at a time and is regularly submitted to severe quality testing.

The method provides a stress-free microstructure. It enables the cookware to stay warp-free even when subjected to tremendous stress and temperature variations.

Lotan Nonstick Coating and Superior Finish

Lotan’s premium anti-bacterial nonstick coating prevents food from adhering and keeps it clean.

The radiating surface has been pre-treated so that the layers adhere to one another effortlessly. Five layers make up the high-quality plasma finish.

The titanium layer is incredibly durable. It is protected by an anti-corrosion coating that can survive harsh detergents, acids, and food.

The ceramic particle covering assures that the pan will survive for many years. Moreover, the Lotan nonstick coating keeps food from adhering to the pan, and the broad aluminum thermal base evenly distributes heat. The high-quality bottom is 10 mm thick in total.

These attributes make the pan perfect for professional cooks who have a large number of orders to complete in a short amount of time.

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Cooking Time Is Limited

Because of the heat-retaining properties of the 9mm thick frying pan, cooking time is reduced and fat consumption is reduced.

This implies that foods maintain the majority of their important nutrients while still cooking nicely.

The frying pan’s high edges are 5 cm tall, making it ideal for slick scrambled eggs and meat.

Handle May Be Removed

The oven-friendly 26 x 28 x 32 cm frying pan may be placed directly in a preheated oven from the cooktop.

Since the handle is removable, the pan may easily fit into a tiny oven. You can also conveniently store the pan without the handle getting in the way.

Usage with a Variety of Heat Sources

The AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan is heat resistant and may be used on a variety of heat sources without warping.

Electric, ceramic glass, glass stoves, and ovens are all examples.


With careful usage and maintenance, the AMT Gastrogus Nonstick Frying Pan may last for three years.

We’ll talk about caring later in the review.

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Pros and Disadvantages of the AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan

Even if the frying pan has received honors, it does not imply it is without flaws.

Consider the following benefits and downsides before making a decision:

  • Food is not burned.
  • Very long-lasting
  • Sturdy base that evenly distributes heat
  • Even when used in extreme temperatures, it lasts for years.
  • It may take some time to warm up (2 minutes)
  • It doesn’t roast nicely.
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Care Instructions for AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan

Although the AMT Gastroguss Non-Stick Frying Pan is the greatest frying pan available, it is not unbreakable.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep it looking good for years:

Manually wash with warm soap and water

Before using the frying pan for the first time, wash it with warm, soapy water and 1/4 cup vinegar.

The combination will eliminate any remnants of manufacturing oils from the pan’s surface. After that, rinse and towel dry. Do not let to air dry. The residual moisture may cause the pan to rust.

You haven’t finished yet. Once the pan has dried, coat it with one teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Wipe the oil inside with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Do this every couple of months to keep the surface nonstick.

Avoid using oil sprays.

Non-stick sprays may accumulate as a layer in the pan which can hamper the non-stick release mechanism. If at all possible, avoid utilizing them.

Avoid Using the Dishwasher

Although though the frying pan is dishwasher safe, it is best to hand wash with a moderate detergent.

In time, the dishwasher will erode the pan’s nonstick coating. Thus, if you want it to last, hand-wash it.

Employ Proper Oils and Cooking Utensils

Choose cooking oils with a low smoke point that can sustain high heat. Moreover, avoid using metal tools to stir food in the pan.

Otherwise, you risk damaging the layers and causing food to stick.

Carefully place the pan on the stove or in the oven.

Do not bang the frying pan on the burner or cram it into the oven.

Although the material is resistant to harm, the excessive force will wear it down over time.

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AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding the AMT Gastroguss Nonstick Frying Pan that you may find useful:

Is it safe to use die-cast aluminum cookware?

Absolutely, die-cast aluminum pans are totally safe to use. According to the World Health Organization

We ingest 50 milligrams of aluminum every day without experiencing any negative consequences. Even if some metal contaminates our meals as a result of the discomfort, it will not impair our health.

Is vinegar harmful to metal pans?

Definitely, since it is acidic in nature.

But, allowing vinegar to sit in an aluminum pan for hours without washing might harm the material.

Little amounts of the condiment applied to a meal during the cooking process are simply absorbed by the components. It has no time to corrode the pan.

Can I use a scratched nonstick skillet?

It is not a good plan. When a frying pan is damaged, some of the nonstick coatings flake onto the food and the surface becomes stickier.

Hazardous substances may enter your body in this manner. To avoid this, use wooden utensils rather than steel ones.

How often should I season the pan?

Season the nonstick frying pan as soon as it starts to stick. Seasoning pans six to seven times is often recommended by manufacturers.

During time and repeated rinse cycles, the little pits and holes on the pan’s surface lose oil. To season the pan, just massage oil all over the surface with a soft cloth.

To finish the job, place it in a hot oven for an hour.

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Things to Look for When Purchasing a New Frying Pan

The following are some factors to consider when purchasing a frying pan, or any pan for that matter:

Material and Production Method

Aluminum pans, such as the AMT Gastroguss nonstick frying pan, are stamped, forged, or die-cast. Stamped variants are the least expensive, but they are also notorious for being of poor quality.

In contrast, forged aluminum pans are more resistant, but not as much as die-cast ones. Use die-cast aluminum pans if possible.

The Finish

A nonstick coating is essential in an aluminum pan. There are two kinds you may come across: ceramic and PTFE.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but ceramic stands out because to its higher heat resistance and nonsticking properties.


If you have an induction stove, you must choose your cookware wisely. Induction pans are appropriate for such surfaces.

Although they are more costly than other types, others will not function on this cooktop, therefore you will be wasting your money.

Examine the box to see whether the pan you’re interested in is acceptable.

Last Thoughts

Overall, the AMT Gastroguss Non-Stick Frying Pan is ideal for expert cooks. It can take a lot of punishment without becoming hurt.

Although some customers complain about the long heating time, it hasn’t stopped many from making alternative choices.

If you follow the care and use instructions in this booklet, your frying pan will survive for years.

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Which pan is best for nonstick?

Our Favorite Nonstick Pans
Overall winner: Prepared in a 10-inch nonstick frying pan.
Another excellent option is the Anolon Advanced Nonstick 10-Inch Skillet.
Best for Newcomers: Calphalon 10-Inch Modern Nonstick Fry Pan.
Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan is the best value.
Additional details…•March 7, 2023

How do you clean an AMT pan?

Hand-washing is recommended for AMT Gastroguss cookware. Since food does not adhere to the surface, it is incredibly simple to clean without scrubbing. DO NOT USE SCOURING PADS OR HARSH DETERGENTS; instead, use warm water and a light detergent. When the pan is still hot, cleaning it with a paper towel is fairly simple.

What is the warranty on AMT Gastroguss?

AMT Gastroguss’s main characteristics are as follows: The pan’s foundation is covered by a 25-year warranty. With induction parts, there is a three-year warranty. The plasma coating is exceptionally strong, durable, and resistant.

Can you put an AMT pan in the oven?

AMT cookware may be used in ovens with the handles (excluding detachable cookware) at a maximum temperature of 240°C (450° F). Always wear a cooking glove to remove the dish from the oven, since the handles get hot in the oven.

Do professional chefs use non-stick pans?

Nonstick pans, particularly frypans, are not used by most professional cooks because they cannot withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen.

When should you throw away non-stick pans?

Nonstick pans do not last indefinitely.

It is a decent rule of thumb to replace them every five years. Examine your pans often. Stop using them as soon as they become warped, discolored, or damaged.

What is the world’s best pan?

According to the VKD, the biggest German Chefs Association, AMT cookware is renowned as “the world’s greatest pan.” With its unrivaled craftsmanship, your AMT pan will be sturdy, multifunctional, and built to last a lifetime.

Which is the world best pan?

The German Chef Association has designated AMT Gastroguss the World’s Best Pan. These frying pans are handcrafted from cast aluminum and have a thick bottom for even heat dispersion. The four layers of AMT’s unique nonstick coating include titanium oxide, anti-corrosive compounds, ceramics, and finally nonstick materials.

What is the warranty on AMT pans?

The producer of AMT cookware provides a 25-year guarantee on the bottom evenness of the cookware in a regular collection (excluding induction cookware)* and a 3-year warranty on the coating and handles.

Who is the manufacturer of AMT gearbox?

Magneti Marelli, an Italian firm, supplies AMT gearboxes to Maruti Suzuki and Tata.