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Pork chops are one of the most delicate lean meats that are great for baking. It is notable for its juicy, delicious, and soft texture. As a result, you must quickly cook this at a very high temperature. But how long should you roast pork chops at 400 degrees Fahrenheit?

To be honest, various variables such as the thickness of the pork chop, the kind of pan or oven used, and whether it is boned or boneless will all have a significant influence on the cooking time. I normally bake the pork chops for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, plus a few minutes extra if they are boneless.

A meat thermometer can help you cook or bake more effectively.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about baking the ideal and tasty pork chops for your family.

Types of Pork Chops

You may enjoy a variety of approaches for cooking pork chops thanks to the lively and creative brains of chefs and culinary professionals. The method of cooking is always determined by the kind of pork chops on hand. The three primary types of this pork are listed below.

  • Sirloin chops – These have a nice taste and are inexpensive.
  • Blade/shoulder chops – they are tasty but often heavy in fat.
  • Loin chops – When looking for lean pork chops, this might be one of your favorites. When this pork is overdone, it may turn quite dry.

How to Bake Pork Chops At 400?

Cooking and obtaining a great appearance and delectable flavor is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. You will need to prepare several materials and cooking utensils for baking pork chops. Some examples are as follows:

  • Salt
  • Seasoning ingredients such as peppercorns, juniper berries, and rosemary
  • Olive oil/vegetable oil
  • Thermometer for meat
  • Foil made of aluminum
  • Oven-safe pan
  • Toilet paper

Baking Pork Chop At 400 Preparations and Procedures

Aside from preparing the proper components, you must also follow the proper cooking technique. Brining your selected pork chops is one thing you should not overlook. It is preferable to do this the day before cooking. Brining your pork chop correctly will make it more delicious and juicy.

Below are some of the key instructions for baking pork chops.

  • Preheat your oven to 400°F.
  • Remove the pork chops from the brine. Then, wait one hour before starting to cook them. After that, set them aside to come to room temperature.
  • The meat should then be well seasoned. Add pepper, salt, and any other seasonings you choose.
  • Get a big enough pan to fry the pork chops in. It should also be oven safe. Bring this to a low heat or temperature. Then wait until it’s quite hot.
  • In a pan, evenly distribute olive oil or cooking oil. Then place the pork chops on top.
  • Allow the pork chops to sit for three to four minutes, or until they begin to brown. But don’t turn or move the meat just yet.
  • After a bit, turn it over. Sear the other side.
  • Finally, place the skillet in the oven to continue cooking the pork chops.

How Long To Cook Pork Chops In Oven At 400?

Baked pork chops are well-known for their flavor, texture, and firmness. It has a particular taste that appeals to pig and meat enthusiasts.

However, the fact that it is not simple to prepare or cook hides behind the nearly flawless flavor sense that it provides. If you don’t know how long to bake pork chops at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you may overcook them and turn them to coal.

Whether you use an oven or a skillet, the best time to cook is 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advisable to flip them halfway through to avoid overcooking one side.

How Long To Bake 1 Inch Pork Chops At 400?

Several of you will undoubtedly wonder how long to bake thin or thick pork chops at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To bake pork chops properly, you must first understand the proper temperature and cooking time. The baking time for pork is determined on the kind of pork chops used as well as their thickness.

If you need to prepare 1 inch pork chops, bake them for 8 minutes.

How Long To Bake 2 Inch Pork Chops At 400?

If, on the other hand, the pork chop is around two inches thick, you should bake it for about 20 minutes. A meat thermometer will come in in here.

Always keep in mind that the thicker the pork chops, the longer they should be stored or baked. Also, make sure you spend the same amount of time searing the pork.

When the pork chops have reached a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, take them from the pan and set them aside for five to eight minutes before serving.

How Long To Bake Boneless Pork Chops At 400?

If it’s a thin 1-inch boneless pork chop, bake it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 11 to 12 minutes. It should take around 23 – 24 minutes for a thicker 2-inch boneless pork chop.

The major reason for this is because the bones in bone-in pork chops are a stronger conductor of heat and need less time to cook than boneless equivalents.

7 Useful Tips on Baking Pork Chops

  • Make sure you’ve picked a pork chop that isn’t too dry and will cook well.
  • To make pork chops that are tasty, soft, and juicy, they should be cooked quickly over high heat. The purpose for this is to avoid overcooking the middle piece of the pork.
  • Check that the pork chops are at room temperature before cooking.
  • Season the pork chops on a regular basis using your preferred seasoning.
  • Sear your pork chops quickly in a pan.
  • Remember that boneless pork chops should be cooked for a few minutes longer.
  • Allow the pork chops to rest before beginning to cook them.


Pork chops are one of the most popular and stand out in terms of flavor. However, preparing this may be tricky or complicated. You must keep the temperature and, particularly, the cooking time in mind.

If you are too lazy or find it too difficult to prepare the pork chops and prefer a ready-made alternative, try ordering boneless pork chops from mychicagostick and having them delivered to your door wrapped and vacuum packed.

I hope you now know how long to bake pork chops at 400°F and can use it to make deliciously cooked pork chops.