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A Crock-Pot is arguably one of the most handy kitchen equipment. Let’s see whether it can be used in the oven and, if so, under what conditions. One of the most well-known slow-cooker brands is Crock-Pot. When we refer to a Crock-Pot in this article, we are referring to the brand rather than slow cookers in general. Different slow cookers have different safety rules, and it cannot be overstated how important it is to read the handbook for the individual brand and model you own.

A Crock-ceramic Pot’s insert pot IS oven safe. The exterior casings and lids, on the other hand, are NOT. If you want to accomplish this properly and maintain your Crock-Pot in excellent operating order, you need be aware of a few rules and precautions. Before putting your Crock-Pot in the oven, carefully read the instructions.

We’ll go through some of the safety measures you should take before putting your delectable roast or dish in the oven. But, before we get into that, it’s necessary to understand how the Crock-Pot works.

About Crock Pots

Crock pots, often known as slow cookers, have been a home staple in America for decades. They are wonderful time savers, capable of feeding a large family with little effort on the part of the chef. Stews, braised meats, pot roasts, baked potatoes, and other dishes are simplified.

Most crock pots are electric, requiring a plug-in to heat a ceramic or metal pot. Cooking is straightforward after your stuff is placed into the pot. Controls are often limited to three settings: low, medium, and high.

The majority of slow cooker recipes take between six and 10 hours to prepare. This is due to the fact that crock pots are not intended to achieve high temperatures. Instead, they cook food at temperatures ranging from 170 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit, slowly and evenly.

This slow cooking technique is ideal for use in the oven. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, just as there are to glass cookware. To operate your crock pot securely, you need first learn some fundamental information about it.

How Does A Crock-Pot Work?

A Crock-Pot typically contains a long-lasting ceramic pot insert, a secure cover, and a metal shell that holds the controls and the built-in heating element. In most cases, the lid is constructed of glass with plastic grips. The Crock-Pot features three temperature settings: low, high, and warm, with temperatures ranging from 175°F to 215°F.

The heat spreads from the bottom up the edges and into the meal. The heat generated produces steam, which forms a vacuum seal with the lid. The constant low heat guarantees that your dish retains moisture while cooking. Because the liquids in food do not “reduce,” it does not get concentrated.

Which Parts Of The Crock-Pot Are Oven Safe?

In general, the Crock-replaceable Pot’s ceramic inserts are oven-safe up to 400°F. They can also be microwaved. The metal casings and Crock-Pot lids are not suitable for use in the oven or microwave. This is due to the fact that they are composed of plastic and will melt.

The Crock-Pot as a whole cannot be used on a broiler. Broilers reach temperatures higher than the oven-safe temperature of 400°F.

How about the cooktop? Using the insert pot is not typically suggested since ceramics are not commonly used on a burner plate. Thermal shock may result from direct extreme heat. Thermal shock occurs when a breakable object is subjected to a rapid temperature shift. The abrupt expansion and contraction of the pot might cause it to shatter into pieces. However, some slow cooker types feature pots that can be used on a stovetop, so check your user manual.

Top tip: If your stove isn’t in use, the stovetop might be a great spot to put up your slow cooker for unattended cooking. It can endure heat, dampness, and splatters from a day of cooking. In the absence of it, a wooden board or a baking sheet might suffice.

A Deeper Look At Slow Cooking Temperatures

As previously stated, Crock-Pots and slow cookers in general have three settings: hot, low, and warm. We could assume that the high indicates a greater cooking temperature than the low, however this is not the case.

The greatest temperature reached by both settings is 209°F. The difference is in how soon they get that temperature. On the high setting, it takes around three or four hours to achieve the maximum temperature. The maximum temperature takes between seven and eight hours to attain on the low setting. The warm setting maintains a temperature of 165°F to 175°F.

If the recipe calls for temperatures greater than 209°F, you should definitely use a separate pan and roast in the oven. If, on the other hand, you only need to add extra heat at the start or finish of a slow-cooking session, you should be able to place the ceramic Crock-Pot dish in an oven set to 400°F.

Other manufacturers enable you to adjust the temperature of the slow cooker, although most do not go over 300°F.

Slow Cooker on Low Setting 200°FSlow Cooker on High Setting 300°FConventional Oven or Stovetop Slow Cooking
4 – 6 hours1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours15 – 30 minutes
6 – 8 hours2 – 3 hours35 – 45 minutes
8 – 12 hours4 – 6 hours50 minutes to 3 hours
Slow Cooking and Traditional Cooking Times Conversion Table

Safety Guidelines For Putting The Crock-Pot In An Oven

Even though using a Crock-Pot insert in the oven is safe, there are several precautions you should take:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s oven-safe temperature guidelines. Cook at no more than 400°F.
  • Ascertain that the lid is oven safe (it will not be, even if it is glass and oven safe the accessories will probably melt). Create a temporary lid out of aluminum foil if you wish to cover the ceramic pot.
  • Using potholders or oven gloves and both hands, gently move the insert pot into and out of the oven.
  • Do not overfill your Crock-Pot.
  • Avoid severe temperature fluctuations, such as placing a cold insert pot directly from the fridge into a hot oven. Also, let the ceramic insert pot to cool before storing it in the refrigerator.
  • To minimize damage, do not pre-heat stoneware inserts before cooking. Simply add ingredients and turn on the Crock-Pot or slow cooker.
  • Crock-Pot Original Slow Cooker Manual for 4 to 7-quart manual slow cookers.

Other Slow-Cooker Brands (Oven Safety)

All-Clad, Black & Decker, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach are brands comparable to the Crock-Pot that include oven-safe inserts that can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other slow cooker oven safety varies by brand. This is due to the fact that not all slow cooker inserts are ceramic. Slow cooker inserts are also available in aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic-coated metal.

According to my research, unless the insert is ceramic, such as a Crock-Pot, the capacity to endure temperatures in a typical oven, broiler, or cooktop is limited. Metal or metal coated with nonstick ceramic is not microwave safe, and no slow cooker lids are oven safe.

In terms of Crock-Pot slow cooker insert materials, the picture above is of my Crock-Pot. The DuraCeramic insert has a glass lid and a cool-touch grip. The insert and lid may be used in the oven as well as on gas, electric, and induction cooktops. The insert is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe.

Before using any cookware or equipment, read the manufacturer’s directions.

Other Crock Pot Cooking Methods

Most folks don’t understand how flexible crock pots are. There are, however, a few dos and don’ts to be mindful of.


Metal crock pots should never be microwaved since they may harm both the pot and the appliance. While ceramic crock pots may be used, those with a metal component within should be avoided.

If you’re unsure if your crock pot can be used in the microwave, see the owner’s instructions.


Metal or ceramic crock pots should never be heated on the stove. The reason for this is because the heating components found in most ranges produce focused heat. Cookware that has not been meant to be heated in this manner may deform or fracture.

It’s also best to avoid placing your crock pot on the stovetop, even if it’s turned off. The surface of your range might harm and erode the enamel coating of your pot over time.


While using a crock pot in the oven is often safe, broiler cooking is not. A broiler’s heating element, like that of a cooktop, is too hot and direct for your crock pot.


Most crock pot inserts are dishwasher-safe, allowing you to save time during cleaning. However, much as while cooking in the oven, the electric heating element cannot be used in the dishwasher.

Benefits Of Using A Crock Pot In The Oven

Why do home chefs bake their slow cookers in the first place? The solution lies in the crock pot’s cooking constraints.

Crock pots, although ideal for aromatic stews and braised meats, are less effective in browning food. This is because they work best when there is a significant volume of liquid to assist transfer heat. This liquid, on the other hand, often stops the meat from caramelizing.

You may enjoy the best of both worlds by putting a crock pot insert in the oven before or after cooking. It’s an excellent technique to enhance the taste of huge portions of meat, such as chicken or pig roasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Liners Of Crock Pot Melt??

Excessive heat in the oven may cause the crock pot liners to melt. These liners are often constructed of silicone or rubber.

To reduce this possibility, sprinkle a little amount of cooking oil on the pot liner. You also don’t need to worry if you sterilize the liner in the oven on low heat. It also improves your cooking experience safer and more sanitary.

Can You Put A Crock Pot Over Broiler?

Don’t assume that oven-safe crock pots are equally safe for broilers. The broiler heating path is so direct and hot that the ceramic inserts cannot withstand it.

Will A Crock Pot Stand Over Stovetop Heat?

Ceramic or metal crock pots should not be cooked on the stove. The heat is focused since most ranges feature heating elements. Non-specially built tools are prone to breaking or warping.

It will assist if you do not set the pot too close together during cooking. Please keep it away from the heat source. The enamel of the pot is readily eroded or damaged by the surface of the range.

Can A Crock Pot Go Into The Microwave?

If you put the metal crock pot in the microwave, it will be ruined. Although ceramic crock pots are available, metal inserts in the microwave should be avoided. Before usage, double-check the directions.

Is It Good To Place A Crock Pot In The Dishwasher?

If you have a crock pot, you must have found the design of the dishwasher-compatible crock pot insert. This design cuts down on cleaning time. Keep the electric heater out of the dishwasher, just as you would while cooking in the oven.

Should I Place The Frozen Foods Into Crock Pot With Oven Heat Rather Than Microwave?

Before placing food in the pot’s insert and placing it in the oven, make sure it has completely defrosted. For example, frozen chicken wings need a lengthy time and a higher temperature to thaw. During this procedure, there is an increased danger of hazardous bacteria being created or the meat being cooked. Take care!

Final Thoughts

Crock-Pots have a built-in heating element and are intended for use on the counter. The stoneware insert, on the other hand, is oven safe up to 400°F. Never use the oven’s heating element or lid.

Although the terms “Crock-Pot” and “slow cooker” are sometimes used interchangeably, each slow cooker model has its own set of instructions. Before using your oven, always read the user handbook for your individual make and model.

Bottom line: another dish for oven usage is your best bet. However, if you prefer to use the Crock-Pot stoneware insert in the oven, continue with care and never heat it over 400°F.