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You must be really thrilled if you have just purchased a cast iron pan. Cast iron pans are incredibly adaptable and popular since they may be utilized in a variety of ways.

A good rule of thumb here is to prepare foods that will aid in the preservation of the seasoning on your cast iron skillet.

The greatest thing is that these recipes are simple and straightforward to prepare, and they will be highly tasty and delicious.

10 dishes that may be prepared in a cast iron pan

Let’s have a look at some of the delectable dishes you can make with a cast iron pan.


Cornbread is one of the delicious yet easy recipes that may be made in a cast iron skillet. With the quantity of butter used, cornbread is a flavorful meal that is ideal for seasoning your cast iron cookware.

It just takes half an hour to make wonderful cornbread in a cast-iron pan for breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Moreover, since it compliments the seasoning of the pan, cleaning is simple, and there is no need to worry about unpleasant residue being left behind.

Onions Caramelized

They aren’t much more than a side dish or a foundation dish to get you started, but they do assist to season the pan completely.

Caramelized onions may also show you how effectively the pan holds and distributes heat. Just comprehending this fundamental concept might assist you in learning about the parameters of cooking using a cast iron skillet.

Moreover, the onions and oil utilized serve to season the pan.

This is an excellent dish for preheating the pan. It also aids in preparing it for future foods that may be prepared on the pan.

Vegetables Roasted

When prepared in a cast iron skillet, roasted veggies reach new heights. Since they are so tasty, they will become a go-to meal to make in a cast iron pan.

These roasted veggies, cooked gently in oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs, will make an excellent side dish for any dinner.

They also aid in the seasoning of your cookware. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the kind of vegetables that may be cooked in a cast iron skillet.

You can roast practically any vegetable, from root vegetables like carrots and potatoes to green beans and more.


Bacon is one of the greatest meat cuts to cook in a cast-iron skillet and is the ideal addition to any breakfast.

The natural fat generated by the bacon enhances the skillet seasoning. The nicest thing is that you can just drizzle with oil and let the bacon do the rest.

Also, because of the equal heat distribution of these pans, it is quite simple.

But, keep an eye on the bacon since it is extremely easy to burn. Yet, like with other foods, once you’ve mastered the pan, you’ll be able to cook the perfectly crispy bacon with ease.

Cooked Chicken

Do you know that if you have a big enough pan, you can cook an entire roast chicken in it?

After you’ve mastered the pan, roast chicken is the ideal dinner to tackle. Prepared with oil, spices, and veggies and shallots, this dish is tasty and can be prepared in one pan.

The lipids from the chicken, as well as the herbs, can assist to season your pan further and provide nonstick outcomes. This is a supper that will undoubtedly become a family and visitor favorite!

Pork Chops, Seared

A cast iron pan is ideal for searing meat, such as pork chops. Since the pan distributes heat evenly, it produces a lovely sear on meat slices that will make you salivate.

The nice thing is that all you need is a little spice to get started.

Also, if your pan is correctly seasoned, you may attempt deglazing the exquisite deliciousness of the meat from the pan’s bottom.

Pour in some broth, reduce it, season it, and serve it with the pork chops.

Pizza on a Pan

Have you ever wished to create an easy pan pizza? It’s time to get out your cast iron skillet.

A cast iron pan is the ideal choice for preparing pizza from scratch or just reheating it. The uniform heat distribution that it provides is a crucial aspect in this.

Also, oiling the pan will aid in its natural seasoning. You will also have a delectable pizza dough that is golden brown and crunchy all the way through.


Making lasagna in a cast iron skillet is difficult, but not impossible. The key here is to grease the pan first and top it with the lasagna pieces before adding any more.

You’ll get uniformly cooked layers with perfectly melted cheese.

In addition, if you want a more uniform heat distribution, you may put everything in the pan and then bake it. The finished dish will be delicious and guaranteed to please many people.

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Grilled Sandwiches & Panini

When you have a cast-iron pan, making grilled cheese sandwiches and Paninis is a breeze. When you utilize your cast iron pan, you will receive properly toasted bread with one of the greatest cheese pulls.

Also, adding butter can help season the pan and offer you more tasty results.

Also, if you’re in a need and don’t have a Panini press, you may use the weight of the cast iron pan to press the sandwich down while you cook it.

Chicken Fried

Fried chicken is the last thing people think they can prepare with a cast iron pan, but that is not the case.

These pans are generally deep enough to contain a significant amount of oil, which aids in properly seasoning it. Because of the thermal properties of cast iron pans, you will be able to fry chicken at the ideal temperature.

The fried chicken you create in a cast iron pan will undoubtedly taste better and be more unique than chicken you try elsewhere.

Now that you know what to cook in a cast-iron skillet, it’s time to get creative and begin preparing these delectable dishes for your friends and family.

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Items to Avoid Cooking with Cast Iron Pans

While there are so many foods that may be cooked in a cast iron skillet, you may forget that there are some that you should avoid.

The main reason these meals should be avoided is because they might ruin the seasoning of the pan.

This, in turn, will have an effect on the cooking quality and outcomes you get while using this pan. Bearing this in mind, the following meals should be avoided:

Sauce with Tomatoes

Tomatoes should not be cooked on cast iron skillets since they are very acidic and will spoil the seasoning.

Also, their combination with the pan might leave a metallic flavor in any sauce you produce. This is particularly important when cooking tomato-based spaghetti sauces like spaghetti Bolognese.

To preserve your pan safe and the rich taste of your pasta sauces, prepare tomato sauces and tomato-based foods in a separate pan.

Dishes that have been deglazed

Although cast iron pans may be deglazed, do not attempt to deglaze them with wine.

Broth, water, or juice are all acceptable substitutes, but alcohol should be avoided. This is due to the fact that wine and vinegar may be highly alkaline or acidic in nature.

This leaches into the pan, destroying the seasoning and imparting a metallic flavor to the completed meal.

Do not attempt to deglaze your pan with alcohol or vinegar until it is well seasoned.


This is a problem that is mostly caused by the way you cook with the cast iron pan. If you cook savory items in a cast iron skillet, you should not make sweets in the same pan.

This is due to the possibility of leftover tastes from the savory foods being transmitted to the desserts and vice versa.

This might severely derail your learning experience and make cleaning the pan tough. It’s a good idea to have two or more pans set aside for desserts, savory dishes, and so on.

By learning this fact, you can ensure that you avoid frequent errors and receive the best-tasting foods every time you cook with your cast iron pan!

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